Thursday, July 06, 2006

Chili, Ice Cream, Barbecue, or Phone-banking?

In just about three weeks you will have the opportunity to come together with Democrats in your community to meet, greet and organize as we get ready for elections this fall.

Saturday, July 29th will mark 100 days until Election Day, and Democrats will be celebrating the occasion and making their commitment to work hard until November in a series of events called the Democratic Reunion.

They've captured the spirit perfectly in Oklahoma, where you'll find an "Oklahoma Democratic Party Family Reunion" where Democrats young and old will join others who have left politics or never participated before. All of them will be committing to give their all for the last 100 days.

And in Washington, they've worked to coordinate their events with campaigns from across the state - ensuring that come Election Day, there's a network of dedicated volunteers to help get out the vote.

Find a Democratic Reunion event near you -- just follow this link and plug in your zip code:

All kinds of events are happening as part of the Democratic Reunion. Social events, canvasses and phone-banks, candidate meet-and-greets -- whatever your comfort level, whatever your community wants, the important thing is that Democrats come together.

A few of the other kinds of events:

  • Casper, Wyoming: Casper Canvass and Barbecue
  • Eugene, Oregon: Lane County Democratic Party Chili Cook-off
  • Biloxi, Mississippi: Picnic for Democracy
  • Tucson, Arizona: Ice Cream Social
  • Nampa, Idaho: Meet Your Local Democratic Candidates

That's only a few -- not to mention the 31 events in Georgia, the 42 events in Ohio, or the event in Fairbanks, Alaska being put together by a candidate for the state legislature.

Can't find an event near you? There are so many options, and planning your event is so easy with our online events center, why not create your own? We'll provide tips and support to make your event a success, and we'll even make sure you get materials like doorhangers and postcards to help spread the word in your community.

Plan your own Democratic Reunion event now:

It's an exciting time to be a Democrat, and the Democratic Reunion is the next big step in our drive to build our party everywhere and win this November.

We have a lot to do, but we have to remember that there's nothing we can't do together.

Thank you for getting involved.


Tom McMahon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee



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