Monday, May 15, 2006

The War on Terror or Theatre of the Absurd

(This is a test.)
It would be funny if it weren't for the horrors this so-called "War" has produced.
Sane people know you can't make war on terror. The hope to end terrorism rests in marginalizing the perpetrators and looking at causes.
Sane people know you can't bomb a country to get terrorists. The price is too high. Besides, terrorists exist in most countries world wide.
Do we bomb them all? Or just the ones that have a lot of brown people (to help us get away with it)?
If bombing's what we need to do to fight terrorism, according to our Government there are a LOT of "terrorists" right here in the good ol' US...somewhere around 325,000 is what I hear. Should we be bombing US cities that harbor them?
Once we're done bombing all the US cities that harbor "terrorists", then we can preemptively strike all cities that harbor scary-looking people. Although, now that it's on the table, there are lots of countries that harbor scary-looking people. Maybe we should strike them as well.
Then, when we're done bombing virtually every place on the planet, we'll have to stike ourselves because well, geeez, who's scarier than us?
Only then can we (if anybody's left standing) look around and say, "WE WON!!"
Oh, Yay...


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